8 Foods to Avoid for Better Health



Not all the so-called “healthy” foods are healthy. Some contain fat and calories that are invisible to the eye. Know which fattening food are disguising and tempting you to eat them!

For people on a diet or wanting to build their body, reducing fat consumption and calories are very important. No diet program can succeed with poor eating habits. Moreover, with lack of exercise, it is not possible to sculpt a better body. Hence, it is essential for these people to watch what they eat and exercise regularly.

However, there are bad foods that are disguising as having good contents. These are some foods to watch out for, since they might not be as helpful as they look. Nevertheless, a sensible diet does not mean a Spartan, very disciplined way of eating. The most important thing is to be aware of the nutritional values of different food and combine them to get your daily requirements.


Avoid alcohol.

While alcohol does not contain fat, it is loaded with lots of calories. Regular drinking can cause you to develop that flabby midsection. Alcohol also interferes with metabolism, especially protein. It is recommended to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, especially with bodybuilders.


Avoid too much rice.

While rice is an integral component of a healthy diet, too much rice can contain considerable amounts of carbs that stimulate unwanted fat storage. The best way to go around this is to vary your carbohydrate consumption by including plain oatmeal and brown bread among others.


Go easy on the salad dressing.

You might think that salads are very healthy. However, with the wrong dressing or improper amount, you might be consuming more fat and calories. Choose a low-fat dressing or make your own vinaigrette.


Say no to sodas.

A 16-ounce serving of soda contains over 200 calories. Drink soda as an occasional treat not as an integral component of meals.


Minimize fruit juices

Fruit juice contains sugar. Too much fruit juice, especially commercial brands, can fill you up with many calories. Better stick to natural blended juice for added fiber, and try varying your liquids by drinking water.


Keep away from breaded chicken or fish.

While these may give you adequate protein, they also contain much fat. Try cooking your chicken and fish more healthily by steaming or boiling them, instead of covering them with caloric ingredients.


Avoid deli and processed meats.


These foods contain much sodium and fat. Try sticking to healthier options like turkey or chicken.


Don’t give in to flavored oatmeal.


Plain oatmeal should do the trick. Flavored oatmeal contains additional sugar. If you want to have flavored oatmeal, just add fruits that contain more fiber.


The best way to be successful in any diet and exercise program is to enjoy eating and exercising. So, live healthy and be happy with it!